So You Want to Make Money Online From Your Phone…

Why did you arrive at this page? We are going to lay it all out… step by step how to launch/maintain your business online using as little effort as possible and while on the go from your cell phone.

Perhaps you are among these two groups?

  1. You own a business already and you are wondering how to utilize the internet to increase your business.
  2. You already do internet marketing and are wondering how to use your phone to be more effective.

Let me lay this out for you as clearly as I can step by step…. Are you ready?



If you haven’t already figured out the internet is the new marketplace. Newspapers, Radio, and even TV are almost extinct. People ages 18-34 spend 4.5 times as much time each day on Social Media websites than they do on newspapers, radio, and TV combined.

WHY? The internet has brought the consumer closer to the company. Your credibility as a person and as a company are greatly increased when people have direct access to you. Remember that the internet is just another form of media. Only different from TV, Radio, & Newspapers in the fact that it is faster, everywhere, and more effective in delivery the information to the consumer in every other way. Get with it.


There are basically three different genre’s of websites you need to concern yourself with.

  1. Social Media sites such as FacebookTwitter, & Youtube where people meet in a social form connecting with other people and sharing information including pictures, videos, links, etc. This is where the most people are spending the most time.
  2. Branding Sites & Blogs. This is where individuals, organizations, and companies get exposure by contributing content to the general public. This content is generally either informational, entertaining, or personal in nature and most often specific to a marketing niche or subject.
  3. Sales sites. Online shopping carts and other websites that promote products, services, and opportunities where people can make a purchase or request additional information.

Your focus needs to be on all three of these! You will need to make yourself accessible to people via the social media websites and syndicate your content in these mediums in a friendly and social way. You need a personal/corporate (depending on your project) website and/or blog where your audience (target market & friends) can learn more about you and increase their trust in your knowledge and sincerity. You need a sales site where you can directly expose those who care to your product/service/opportunity. These three different sites that you must have will interact together to create a powerful online marketing presence.


This is the very most important part! Now you get the basics you need to learn to apply the principles. The next thing I am going to share with you is the key to unlocking the power of the internet to grow your business so pay very close attention…

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