Google AdSense now Mobile Friendly for iPhones & iPads

In the past we have reviewed good AdSense Apps for iPhone but as good as many of them are, you generally pay to get the best and they are always lacking a little. Sometimes they don’t give you access to all types of revenue such as revenue from YouTube videos or feeds etc. Earlier this year Google launched Google AdSense Beta for mobile browsers and this may be my new method of choice to view my AdSense earnings from my iOS devices.

About the Google AdSense iPhone Mobile Friendly Site

Adsense on iphoneYou can access the AdSense mobile interface on your iPhone by visiting the usual sign-on page at from your mobile device. AdSense then automatically displays its mobile interface.

What you should know about the mobile interface on your iPhone:

You can quickly check earnings, run basic reports, and see most alerts, which you can then address through the classic interface if necessary.

While the mobile version of AdSense works best with Android, iPhone and iPad, you can still access both the mobile version and the classic interface on other mobile devices.

For now,you can’t perform certain actions from the mobile interface, such as running custom reports or blocking ads. Google is working on making more functionality available.

To switch to the full desktop version of the interface from your mobile device, click view in Classic at the bottom of the screen.

Learn more over at the AdSense blog.

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