URL Tracking: Lack of App With Browser Alternative

It doesn’t matter how many different apps I try from the App Store, there just isn’t anything out there that works well for users. There are a good number of applications for shortening URLs but very few allow you to input your account information and I couldn’t find any that allow you to view stats for previously shortened links in your account.

bit.lyLuckily for iPhone (and other iOS) users, has a really nice mobile browser interface for their website. I just created a bookmark on my screen that takes me directly to Their website auto-detects your mobile browser and displays the mobile version of the site.

When you first login you will see the form where you can quickly shorten new links to be quickly copied to another application or pasted into an email, text, etc.

The previous 10 links that you shortened with your account are displayed vertically and you can see quickly how many clicks each has had so far.

Clicking on any given link/option will open the analytics. You can quickly see a summary of how many total clicks you have had by a variety of time periods including, Total, Past 30 Days, 14 Days, 7 Days, 24 Hours, and Past Hour.

The Referrers Detail will show you from what website users are finding and clicking on your link. For the majority of my links, most of my referrals come from Twitter and Facebook since my social sharing tools are using to syndicate my links for me.

Scrolling down you will also be able to see on your iPhone from what countries your site visitors are clicking on your links. You will see both a pie chart and a short list of the top locations.

All around is my favorite tool for shortening and tracking URLs and although I like their mobile site I really wish they would invest in an official iOS app!

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