Sim Card Adapters by Sharpe Innovations

I suspect you have run into this issue by now or at very least heard of the issue. For some unknown reason SIM cards are not universal for all devices. The SIM cards used in the new generations of iPhones do not fit into Android phones, nor do SIM cards for iPhone or Android fit into an iPad. There is a lot of inconvenience and more importantly cost associated with getting a new SIM card or additional SIM cards so that one can use each device.

The SIM card in your wireless device is the part of the phone that identifies and authenticates you to use the device. The SIM card references your account with the mobile carrier and lets them know what that the device with that card is the Device connected to your account. Without the SIM card one cannot make calls, send text messages, or use the mobile data network. When you can transfer your SIM card easily to another device it allows you to use that device without paying anything additional for another line with your carrier. This is especially useful for some of us in the industry that need to be able to test out different devices all the time but don’t need additional lines or cost from our carrier.

wpid-wp-1415566221030A company called Sharpe Innovations has released a line of super cool SIM card adapters that make it easy to adapt most SIM cards for other devices. It may sound familiar as you could have seen them recently on the popular TV Show Shark Tank.

On TV the product looked flimsy and low quality when I first saw it but now having gotten my hands on it I can tell you it not only works flawlessly but the design and manufacturing is quality too. There isn’t too much to say other than the simple and most important fact that they do work.

Check out the YouTube video below explaining how the adapters work and order your adapters from Sharpe’s website today.

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