iPhone 5 Handset Review: Upgrading to the iPhone 5

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5. I got my iPhone 4 when it hit the market but I decided not to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Siri was new at the time and I wasn’t sure how much I would really gain. I could not say the same of the iPhone 5. It felt like a big change.

My first impressions of the new device was how light it was. It was a noticeable difference in weight. The casing looks sharper and cleaner with the new black finish. I like how it is longer/bigger and the biggest advantage is that despite the bigger screen it doesn’t fill bulkier. The device is not any wider than the last one which makes it feel the same in your hand despite being taller.

As silly as it sounds there is a huge advantage of having an extra row of apps on your screen. The 5th row means I can have far more applications on the initial “home” screen and that is a big deal to me. In terms of screen resolution I can see an absolute difference (especially coming from the iPhone 4). A lot of people don’t notice the difference unless they watch videos etc but I see it. If screen resolution was your only reason for upgrading you may decide to pass.

Although the camera is still 8-megapixel it has a new low light mode. Also, there is a new feature that allows you to take still pictures while you are recording video. As a father with kids I have found this to be a feature I use A LOT. I haven’t had as much occasion to try out the new panorama picture feature but it seems easy to use and generates quality pictures.

I’ve been impressed and disappointed with the battery life. On the weekends when I’m home and connected to WiFi the battery will last up to 2 days without a charge. I’ve never seen a smartphone do this before. On the flip side when I am off the WiFi the battery drains fast. The AT&T store tells me this is because my area (Denver) still doesn’t have the LTE network installed. He said after the new towers are up the battery life should improve.

The most significant difference is performance is the speed of the phone. In terms of the processor and RAM this phone moves faster and is far more responsive than my iPhone 4.

Siri is new to me but my friends who have upgraded from the 4S, say it has improved. I think there is still room for improvement. If you think this is a feature you would never use I think you are crazy. You probably used to say that about text messaging too.

Another seemingly simple thing is the app store. When I buy a new app or update existing apps it doesn’t close the app store and show me the app updating anymore. It keeps me in the app store where I can continue browsing. I also, no longer have to type in my password when downloading free apps. Thank you Apple.

Lets talk about Maps. Google Maps is a better mapping system. Google has the advantage of having its own integrated business directory. The new maps app often can’t find things I search for. Now, the big gain is that the new maps application has built in turn by turn, voice, navigation. Its nice to not have to buy and download a third party app for navigation. It also seems to be faster to load.

In conclusion, upgrading from the iPhone 4, this new phone combines a combination of better and more functional hardware and software that by far justify the upgrade.

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