WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit – Contacts and Business Cards

Yesterday I unboxed the new WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit. Before I get into the details let me start by telling you that WorldCard has put together a full service solution from hardware to software that makes it easy to add, manage, and sync contacts across devices and operating systems. Its clear that the company behind this (PenPower) is not a fly by night operation. A lot of good design and resources went into this project.

A Look at the Hardware

worldcardThe phone kit comes with a metal constructed stand that you set your phone in. On the back of the stand is a pivoting back that can fold flat or, when opened, hold a business card in position for scanning. On the back, where the business cards sit, there is a bar that can slide up and down to place the business card in the best position depending on what phone you have.

The construction is really high quality and its very easy to understand. I like the stand enough that I find myself using all the time to hold my phone even when I’m not scanning any new business cards or using that functionality.

A Look at the Software

You can download the app, WorldCard Mobile Lite from the Apple App Store. The lite version has some limited functionality but when you buy the full Phone Kit it comes with an activation code to get the full and unlocked version of the app. The app is really simple. When you first open it up you have a few simple options. At the top, if you have the dock / stand you can select the dock option to start scanning cards in the dock. You can also scan cards with the camera without the dock or by reading a photo you previously took with the phones camera and have in the photo gallery. There is also a QR Code tool to scan various QR codes that have contact info embedded. Most impressive is a tool that can look through emails for contact info often found in a user’s email signature to add to a new contact.

From the settings it seems easiest to me to have the app automatically save each new contact to the phone’s default address book. You can also control some simple things like phone number format, sort order, name order, backup settings, etc. You will also find a helpful tool for finding duplicate contacts.

How accurate is the scan? As accurate as any I’ve ever used. I scanned 10 business cards in my initial test and there was one error in which “ll” was read as “li” but otherwise everything was accurate. In the contact list (after scanning) new contacts are marked so you know to open them and check them to ensure everything looks right and that helps discover some of those errors.

How Do You Buy / Activate This

The lite version of the app is free. I would encourage you to download it and play around with it. There are some volume based limitations in the lite version but you will get an immediate sense for how powerful and effective it can be. After a few days of loving it you should go online and buy the full kit with dock. That will come with the activation code to unlock the app and it will come with corresponding desktop software you may love.

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