WordPress App for iPhone and iPod Updated

wordpressWe first introduced the official WordPress for iPhone app back in October 2010. Many blogging addicts and Internet Marketing professionals feel that progress on the mobile app side of the open source giant has been very slow. Now we have seen a recent update and it has brought a few crucial features.

  • A Feature-Rich Content Editor. Now you can easily format text, make bulleted lists, create links, and do all kinds of other fancy stuff. (It’s about time, right?)
  • Full Screen Editing. No more teeny-weeny content editor — now you can view more text at a time while you post on the go.
  • Reading Made Easy. Keeping track of your favorite blogs has never been easier. Browse all the latest posts on blogs you follow in one place, right from your iPhone.

Additionally this WordPress Update Includes:

• Quick Photo will now use the post format for images (if your theme supports it).
• You can now post pictures that you’ve already taken with Quick Photo.
• Your stats referrer links and comment links can now be opened right from this app.

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