Todo List App that Syncs with Multiple Google Tasks Accounts

I use two Google accounts everyday. I have my own personal Gmail account and my work account which utilizes Google Apps. In both cases I like using the built in Google Tasks application because of its simplicity and the ease of keeping it in front of me in both Gmail and Google Calendar.

It has been difficult however to find an app that syncs properly with Google Tasks at all. Adding to the mystery I really needed an app that will sync with multiple accounts. That is how I found GoTasks.

GoTasks is a very intuitive Todo list organizer that syncs flawlessly with Google Tasks. The user interface is clean and easy to use. It isn’t overly complicated but still has the core needs like sorting features and notification options.

So far I’m impressed. The app is free for both iPad and iPhone so you should check it out.

>>Download from iTunes for iPhone or iPad

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