Time and Expense Tracker App: Office Time for iPhone and iPad

timeIf you are free lancer or contractor for hire you probably need to keep close track of your time and expenses spent on each project your work on. The more effective you can be at tracking what you spend in time and dollars, the more you can plan on getting back when you invoice your client.

Often even employees have to keep track of all their expenses and miles on trips etc in order to get reimbursed. Download Office Time for iPhone or iPad to help you out.

You can organize everything by project and add time spent or individual expenses or miles to each project. The app makes it easy to pull reports and best of all; you can sync wirelessly to your PC or Mac.

You can easily export your reports to Numbers or Excel which often makes it easier to manipulate the numbers into any format you want or to prepare invoices etc.

If multiple projects overlap you can run several timers at once and rapidly switch between tasks. It works fine offline so that you can use it even in places without wifi or data coverage.

When you buy the app you get it for both iPhone and iPad for only one cost.


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