The Two Big Players in Accepting Credit Cards on Your iPhone

UPDATE APRIL 1ST, 2013: I’ve recently decided to STOP using Paynet as my merchant provider. I found that their policies worked against helping my business grow. The more I learned about other options in the space the more I also realized that their technology was behind par. It doesn’t integrate with many of the common shopping cart solutions and in the end they just didn’t want to earn my business. Click here to learn more about my latest provider.

As a small business owner I find the ability to charge credit cards from my iPhone highly convenient. In the past we have reviewed Paynet as a viable option for small business owners who need to accept payments on the go. We have also reviewed the GoPayment app by Intuit. Today I want to quickly mention some updates we have seen from the two biggest players in this space; Paynet and Square.

Of all the options out there, Paynet is my merchant service of choice. The monthly fee is low and it includes all the features I’m looking for. Some of these features include the app for iPhone, Online Virtual Terminal, Low Fees, Fast Deposits, and Optional Hardware. Now Paynet is rolling out an online web store to give all of its users a new eCommerce solution. On June 2nd I received and email from Paynet which outlined this new program.

Features of the new online shopping cart / web store include:

  • Upload up to 100 products and images for FREE
  • Includes shopping cart with SSL encrypted credit cards acceptance
  • Use your own domain name or create a sub-domain e.g.
  • Web-stores are optimized for mobile devices
  • Order notifications and receipts
  • Shipping and tax options
  • Web-store address included on all emailed receipts
  • It’s FREE!!!

In an economic system where businesses need to move their products and services online for checkout, this new added value feature is a big win for anyone looking for a credit cards merchant. The web store isn’t the most robust out there but it will serve the needs for many.

The other big player in this space is Square. Square has put much more into advertising and getting the word out about its small and convenient credit cards reader. From TV commercials to post cards going out in the mail to newly incorporated businesses, Square is focused on increasing awareness as quickly as possible. For many users who just crave simplicity Square may indeed be the best choice. Learn more at

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