The Perfect iPhone Business Card Scan Hardware and Application

As someone who works in sales and marketing my desk is always cluttered with business cards gathered from networking events and appointments. On a rare occasion I might take the time to type up business cards and add them to my contacts but the process is always painful and lengthy. I’ve tried a few different types of apps in the past but they are always far from perfect.

633.626_610_link-3When I first unboxed the WorldCard Dock I was surprised by how simple the hardware is. The business card slot aligns perfectly with the phone’s camera. With this, you don’t have to worry about angles or balancing business cards and phone to get an accurate scan. This allows for multiple business card scans in a short period of time. One negative thing about the hardware is having to take off my phone’s case to connect it. I have on OtterBox case on my phone, but believe most cases would have the same problem. You can say you only need to use the program once you’ve accumulated a few cards, so you don’t have to use it that often. Taking the case off once a month, or so, does give me the opportunity to clean inside my phone’s case.

633.626_610_link-2Downloading the corresponding app from the App Store was simple. It was easy to find and at first glance its fairly easy to understand and navigate. The app’s home screen gives you 5 options on how to upload your contacts/business cards. You can use the dock, snap a picture to scan without the dock, choose from your camera roll, copy a signature from your email, or scan a QR Code. I like having all these available options because you never know where you will be when you need to capture data. As awesome as the dock is you certainly are not going to carry it around with you. Specifically, the email signature capture option is really cool. I think the key here is understanding that this app is a business card software suite. It inputs business contacts via various methods and helps manage that data with your existing contact database.

On the paperwork in the box you will find an activation code that you will need to enter into the app settings to allow you to scan more than a handful of cards. This activation code, in addition to the hardware, is what you are ultimately paying for.

The only small confusion I ran into was in reference to the ability to sync contacts. Within the app settings there is an option to choose between local or cloud contacts. If you chose local contacts you can sync with the contacts currently in your address book. If you choose cloud contacts you can sync with your Gmail or Google Apps account. If you sync with Gmail it will download your current contact database into the app and that makes this app even more effective in it’s core function.

All around I would recommend the minimal expense for this hardware/software suite that is sure to make life much easier.

–>Checkout the hardware on Amazon (be cautious to get the hardware specific to your model of iPhone)

–>Checkout the app in the App Store

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