The Fastest And Cleanest iPhone Shopping List App

There are enough shopping list apps in the App Store to keep you busy trying them for a few days. I recently tried a new application called Organizy Tote Bag. Organizy is basically a mobile shopping list. It’s a very simple app, but that is part of it’s appeal. You can make shopping lists and delete them. That’s it.

My favorite feature of this app is the list organizations. When you add an item, it automatically groups it with like items on your list, and assigns each group a color. For example; meats are listed in red, produce in green, bread products in brown, etc. Often when I’m shoopping, I have to back-track to get items I missed. With this app, I can easily work my way through each group.

This app can house several shopping lists at a time and items can easily be added and deleted. Organizy also has several item names stored it it’s database, which makes it much easier to add items quickly.

There are a few features I wish were available on this app. I wish it had the ability to scan the bar-codes of  favorite items and store them. I also wish there was a place to enter prices, to help estimate the total of the shopping list.

What this app does have is a place to enter the quantity and any other necessary notes. I can easily recommend Organizy. It is a simple app that makes shopping easier and more organized.


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