SpeedTest.net Apple App for Testing Your Connection Speed

I’ve grown very tired of the endless debate about which phones and which carriers are fastest. In light of the current attention being given to 4G vs 3G speeds I can’t help but wonder if its all just hype. I’m very excited to know that a reputable website for performing a desktop speed test now has apps available for all 3 major smartphone platforms, Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

speed testNext time you site down with your friends at a restaurant or club have everyone pull out their phone and perform a speed test with the Speedtest.net mobile app. It will quickly tell you who really has the speed.

I have learned a few things in performing the speed test over the last several months on various phones. First, I learned that 4G is not always faster than 3G when comparing different carriers. I’m sure that Sprint’s 4G is faster than their own 3G network but that doesn’t make it faster than the 3G networks of other carriers.

Second, I learned that location is a huge factor. Different parts of town cater to different carriers and different towns and regions also cater to different carriers. When I did a test with all 4 major carriers in Salt Lake City T-Mobile was always the fastest. In Las Vegas, Verizon tends to be the top dog.

Third, I learned that there are consistent and minor differences between different handsets. The latest iPhone and Android device both running on Verizon’s 3G network will not have the same download and upload speeds.

Go ahead. Download the speedtest.net app today and perform your first speed test.

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