Skyfire: Flash Video for iPhone and iPad

Apple isn’t on great terms with Adobe and has no intention of building Adobe Flash compatible operating systems. The Apple theory is that with the implementation of html 5 there will soon be no need for Adobe Flash. They may be right at some point down the road but for now there is still a lot of online content in flash.


Skyfire is a not so new application for iPhone and iPad that enables flash videos on your phone. Skyfire is its own browser, not an add on for Safari. This is a little inconvenient but its manageable for the days when I want to watch a news video etc.

When you load a webpage that contains a flash video an icon appears on the screen. If you select the icon the video loads for your viewing in full screen. I also like some of the social sharing features that make it easy to share content quickly via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

When Skyfire was first realeased into the App Store it was quickly taken out as the number of downloads and the usage of the app caused the Skyfire server to overload. Now as the company has probably expanded their resources they are allowing once again the download of the app. Its $2.99 that I feel is well spent with the number of Stephen Colbert videos I watch.

What do you think?

>>iTunes Link for iPhone App

>>iTunes Link for iPad App

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