PDF App for iPhone and iPod: PDF Expert by Readdle

pdfThere are enough PDF apps available in the app store to make your head spin. Right now my favorite is PDF Expert by a developer named Readdle. The app has a very clean interface and seems to have all the necessary bells and whistles including:

  • Navigate though a document with embedded bookmarks
  • Create your own bookmarks
  • Search for a keyword or phrase with full text search capabilities
  • Open PDF files of ANY size
  • Full screen and landscape modes
  • Password protect files
  • Open and save PDF files from emails
  • Select and copy text from any PDF file into your clipboard to be shared.

You can also mount your iPhone/iPod as a wireless virtual drive to access files anywhere on your wireless network. Readdle also offers online storage which allows you to upload files to their cloud system so you can access them from anywhere over your wireless connection.

I think Readdle has rolled out the red carpet for this one and I for one am sold.




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Jacob S Paulsen

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