Official YouTube App Available in iTunes

As predicted, Google has released an official YouTube app in the Apple App store. Apple’s effort to remove Google native applications from its stock OS may have back fired this time because the newly released app is far superior to the previous stock application that came with the device.

While the new application still will not allow users to upload new videos to be published on their YouTube accounts, this is still a vast upgrade from what was previously available.

The user interface is cleaner and more complete. You can subscribe to channels and leave comments on videos. You still cannot reply to specific comments or thumb up or down a specific comment but hopefully future updates will bring that functionality.

The search options seem more complete and easier to use including voice search. Its really easy to share a video via email, Google +, Facebook, and Twitter. The current app is not yet universal for the iPhone and iPad either but one can hope…

If you are missing your YouTube app on iOS 6 or if you would just like an upgrade to what you currently have download the new YouTube app from the Apple App Store.

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