Notely: Stylized Note Editor That Syncs With Dropbox

notesThere are far too many apps in the App Store for note taking. Sorting through them could be a long and painful process. In March of this year we reviewed note taking app Notesy. Today I would like to introduce Notely.

Notely is a stylized text editor with automatic Dropbox sync capabilities. With the ability to view, manage, edit and share plain text documents on any iOS device and the Dropbox syncing, text editing is painless, accessible and enjoyable.

Dropbox sync is optional, but recommended as it not only keeps your data in sync with all your other devices, but your text notes are also backed up to Dropbox.

Notely works for every purpose you’d need for taking notes. Whether a writer, student, blogger, list maker, organizer, etc… if you need to jot down anything, Notely can handle the task.

Notely supports iOS 4.0+

– Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
– Create, view and edit text notes
– Create folders with an endless folder hierarchy
– Copy or Move notes and folders
– Automatic Dropbox sync: all your notes are automatically synced to any folder you choose on your Dropbox account
– Choose amongst 9 file types to monitor for sync.
– Autosave/Autosync files (never lose your data)
– Support for Markdown syntax
– Extended keyboard with customizable keys and arrows to move back and forth between words and letters.
– Move back and forth between words or letters by swiping the text area while editing on non-iPad devices
– Send notes to Omnifocus for iOS as new tasks
– One tap home button to bring you to the root folder saves you time if you have a deep folder hierarchy
– Multitasking allows sync to happen in the background if in progress when you leave the app
– Portrait and landscape supported on all devices
– On the iPad, expand and collapse the editing area to give yourself less distraction and more writing room
– Open files from other apps in Notely
– Open your text files in any other supported apps
– Multi file/folder delete
– File info provides file size, word count, character count, line count and date last modified
– Print file (iOS 4.2+)
– Email files inline or as attachments
– Search file/folder names and file contents
– Sort folder contents by Name, Size, Date and Type
– Ability to Change Font, Font Color, Background Color and Font Size for the text editor (44 different colors)
– Turn spell checking on or off
– Choose to show or hide file extensions
– Support for TextExpander touch

>>Download for iPhone

>>Download for iPad

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