New iPhone App Making To-do-lists Simple and Clear

A review of the newly released app Clear

As we quickly approach the end of May we will soon reach the halfway point of the calendar year here in June. How are those goals coming for the year? Are your deadlines being met? Are you able to read your grocery list while pushing a buggy down the busy isles and rounding those blind corners?  Let me introduce you to a newly released productivity app  that will make your to-do lists crystal clear. As a matter of fact, the developers from Realmac Software have appropriately named the app Clear. Clear is an amazing new app for list keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying. This app allows you to create several lists such as personal to do lists, shopping lists, quick notes for business contact and phone numbers, list of movies to watch, or a list of small tasks in order to accomplish those life goals.

clear to do list iphoneThere are two things that I really like about this app. The first thing I really like is that there are really only five movements to make in navigating through its interface. This feature makes it really clean to switch lists or add items to a list. Other to-do list apps seem to have too much clutter. The second feature that I really find useful is the recent update to the app that allows the user to shake to email.  Whoever receives the emailed list can then also open it in Clear.

The only negative feature that I feel is lacking is the ability to notify of deadlines or due dates. No notification has been implemented. I am assuming that this is all due to cleaning up additional clutter and to truly make things clear.

Currently this app is for iPhone only. According to the developers of Clear, future updates to the app will allow compatibility with the iPad. Pick it up today for just $1.99 in the iTunes Store and start completing your to-do lists.


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