Nameless – Anonymous Social Network of Professionals

namelessMost of us have made the mistake of saying something on Facebook or Twitter that we wish we could take back. In today’s world full of transparency and thin ice social networks one has to be careful and often may feel an inability to fully and freely express themselves. Nameless, a new anonymous social network has set out to change all of that.

Nameless can be described in two key attributes. It is anonymous and it is professional.

The application is anonymous in that when you post, comment, or otherwise engage your name, email, or other self-identifying information will never be displayed. It will instead show the name of your industry and city. I appreciate this about the application. Knowing the users industry and their location does in many respects put their question, comment, or thought into context.

The application is used only by professionals. In order to join you must have a professional email address (no webmail like msn or gmail) or you can connect via your LinkedIn profile. While this isn’t a full proof system by any degree it does go a long way in my opinion to set a standard for the culture of the social network. We are a place for business professionals to talk.

The application has a clean interface and its very easy to use. Download the application for free today and share your thoughts… I’ll be on there but you won’t know its me 🙂


Application’s short video:


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