Litz: Improve Reading Speed With eBooks, Instapaper and More

Goals statisticsLitz is a revolutionary reading method and application for faster and improved reading inspired by Spritz. More than 60.000 litzers regularly read up to 1500 words per minute the thousands free eBooks included in the Litz Store, articles from Pocket, Instapaper and the built-in web browser and import ePubs, PDFs, Microsoft Word and text files from Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

All professionals do a lot of reading. We have to digest reports, emails, white papers, news, industry trades, and of course actual books either for entertainment or professional development. Since reading is an inevitable fact of life the best thing we can do to increase our effectiveness and efficiency is learn to read faster while increasing comprehension skills. Litz is a new app that facilitates that growth while also laying out your content in a way that makes it easier to digest and consume.

You can pull in your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, Instapaper, Pocket, Safari and more.


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