Klout Social Media Measurement Tool: iPhone Applications


If you are heavily engaged in social media you are probably already familiar with Klout at some level. Klout has become the measuring tool for online influence. A person’s Klout score is a reflection of the size of their network, content created, and influence with other users. While nobody pretends that Klout scores are a perfect indication of true influence, it is generally accepted to be the closest measuring tool in existence.

Klout has an official app for iPhone that helps you keep track of your influence on the go. The app icon always shows your current score. It makes it easier to always know where your score is. When you open the app you will quickly see all of your notificiations. You can also open your profile to see your influencers, score, and much more.

I also like a relatively new app for iPhone called Kloutscore. Kloutscore for iPhone has a very fast interface and makes it easy to enter any Twitter username to see their Klout score and information about them. I like it more than the official app for checking out other Twitter users.

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