Just Roof – Visualizing New Roofs for Roofing Companies

400x400bbJust Roof is designed for roofing contractors and can be used by the wider construction industry.

The app allows you to capture an image using the camera or load a previous image from the gallery. You can then annotate the image – for example you have an image of a roof, you can point specific areas using arrows, you can then add notes using some text functionality.

Following that you can then use some cropping functionality to select an area of the image – for example the roof outline. You can then cut this area and replace those tiles with some new tiles by selecting a material from another image and overlaying it.

Further functionality then allows you to change the colour.

Once saved you can then find the saved edited image in you photo’s folder, and forward via message, email etc.

This will help roof contractors explain to customers where problems exist on the roof, remedial works to be undertaken and the cropping functionality will allow them to help a customer visualize what a new roof material will look like.

It has a wider use on construction sites where there is an issue and you need to inform someone. Rather than try and explain over the phone or waste time with someone coming to site, this app will help get a decision in minutes.


Here is a short demo video:


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