iPhone: SYS Activity Manager for Memory, Processes, Disk, Battery & Network

SYS Activity Manager is the best all in one phone manager app I’ve seen so far in the App Store. It boosts device speed by maximizing FREE MEMORY space. It also acts as a task manager showing you which background apps and processes have opened or loaded, allowing you to force close any of them.

It also summarizes your disk usage within clean graphs that make it easy to get a quick glance at your phone’s status. Monitoring your background running tasks and keeping an eye on internet connection types and speed will also allow you to prolong your battery life.

Key Features according to the developer:

Memory (RAM)
• Easy understanding of device memory status.
• Visualization of Wired, Active, Inactive, Free memory allocation.
• Maximize free memory to speedup device performance.

Note: Press “Refresh” button on “Memory” view to maximize free memory space.

• List display of running Background Applications and other System Processes.
• How to close/manage Background Apps to reduce load on CPU, Battery and Memory.

• Adjust battery health to perform 3 step charge process with accuracy.
• Full cycle & trickle charge support.
• Multiple visual displays detailing battery status and use.
• Alarms to indicate charging status complete w/ accurate ‘time-to-charge’ displays.
• 100% charge notification, effective when you are on a rush.
• Full charge notification to prevent over-charging.
• Configurable Full Charge & battery Maintenance alerts.
• Tips on maximizing battery life when power not available.

Note: Please discharge you battery at level 10% and complete full charge to adjust battery health first time.

• Visualization of disk space status and usage.

• Detecting cellular data network & Wi-Fi network connection statuses.
• IP & MAC Address display when available.
• Internet connection speed test.



>>Download for iPhone

>>Download for iPad


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