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emailEmail marketing is in the most basic form simplistic. Build a list and send stuff to it with both educational and promotional information. As a business owner or internet marketing professional you should consider gathering email addresses among your very top priorities. In fact, its hard for me these days to think of a profession or industry in which building an email list isn’t a great idea. Attorneys, doctors, accountants, plumbers, sales people, media companies, etc can all benefit from gathering email addresses from existing and potential customers.

As an iPhone user you can also utilize your smartphone to simplify and automate your email marketing campaigns. Before I start talking about the app let me discuss some of the theory and the practice.

Adding Email Addresses to Your Lists

Here are a variety of common techniques or methods that you might employ in your business to gather email addresses:

  • Ask clients visiting the business for their email address. This can be done at point of sale or as part of any other paperwork that customers have to fill out in the course of doing business with you.
  • Fishbowl: Put a fishbowl at the front desk and offer to draw a business card once a month for a free lunch
  • Create an opt-in form on your website (done via the software discussed below). Offer an incentive for the opt-in, such as; Enter your name and email address below to: Receive Our Free Report on…, Enter to Win…, Receive discounts and offers, Register for event or other…
  • Host a contest in which people must email in a picture, story, etc to participate.
  • Gather existing customer email addresses from your sales staff or other employees.

What to Send to Your Contacts

The most effective way to build and maintain an email list is to offer educational information about your industry. If you are an attorney write short newsletters about identity theft, law enforcement confrontations, business incorporation, etc. Regardless of what industry you might be in you can always find good relevant content to send to your email contacts.

In addition to the educational information you also need to take advantage of your email campaigns to promote events, promotions, and products or services. Use the sidebar of your email to talk about events or sales that are upcoming. Promote your Facebook or Twitter profiles and encourage readers to share the email with their social networks. You can also attach coupons or specials in the email. Banner ads for your affiliates or business partners can also be effective.

What Email Marketing Software to Use

There are a vast number of high quality Email Marketing products that you can choose from. The three most popular that you have probably heard about or considered are: iContact, ConstantContact, and AWeber. I’m not going to spend the rest of this article splitting hairs over the small differences between these providers. Each offers a free trial and if you would like to spend some time looking you should go ahead. Each in my opinion does a comparable job of delivering the basic services that you will find necessary. Some of these include:

  • Professional email templates to choose from
  • High quality email campaign statistics to measure the effectiveness of your emails
  • Contact List controls along with segmenting
  • Web Opt-In Form html generator

The most significant feature that I want to point out is that of Mobile Usage! Our purpose here at iPhoneSocialMedia.com is to teach business professionals how they can be more effective in their business by utilizing internet marketing techniques and their iPhone as high leverage productivity tools. For that purpose I am going to recommend the only Email Marketing Provider that I’m aware of that offers a high quality mobile solution for iPhone… iContact.

Details on the iPhone App

email marketing iphoneThe iContact app goes a long way to helping you run your Email Marketing from your phone. It allows for you to search through your existing contacts and add new contacts with ease. This can be very effective when you are meeting new people during your days work and want to add them to your email list. You can even efficiently add contacts to your email lists directly from your iPhone contact list at your discretion.

You can also preview your existing email drafts and send them when you are ready. You can also schedule the email to be sent at a later date. Naturally its the best practice for you to send those emails during the time when your potential customer is most likely to be online. Try experimenting with different times of day and different days to find out when you are getting the highest and fastest open and click ratios, which brings me to my next point.

From the iPhone iContact app you can also view your stats for each of your email campaigns. Some of these stats include how many: unique opens, unique clicks, forwards, bounces, and unsubscribes you have received. One of the greatest features is your ability to forward that statistical data to anyone directly from the app.

If you are a business owner or have your own client list I highly encourage you to build an email list and start utilizing your iphone to manage your list and your campaigns today! Your thoughts? How else do you use your iPhone to run your email campaigns?

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