iPhone and iPad Remote Desktop for PC by CrazyRemote

One of the first apps we ever reviewed on this blog was a remote desktop app called Mocha. Since 2009 many new and better apps have come onto the scene and today I’d like to introduce you to CrazyRemote.

PC Remote Desktop with CrazyRemote

There are many different reasons why you might need to access your computer when you are on the go. Maybe you need to email that presentation to your boss, monitor what your children are doing on the computer, or access a software program that doesn’t have an app yet. Whatever the reason CrazyRemote is a good option for remote desktop connections.

CrazyRemote has an app for iPhone/iPod as well as iPad. In addition to being able to view your computer screen on your mobile iOS device, you can also control the mouse and keyboard. The user interface is very clean and fast.

remote desktop

CrazyRemote has a lot of positive reviews in the App Store and claims to be the 55th top grossing app in the USA.  Give it a try today and let us know what you think.

>>Download in iTunes for iPhone/iPod
>>Download in iTunes for iPad

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