IP Camera App for iPhone and iPad

If you have any wireless IP cameras setup in your home or business you have an obvious need to be able to monitor them from your mobile device. There are a good number of applications available in the app store but the obvious winner is IP Cam Viewer.

The developers have done a good job of creating a clean and easy to use interface. You may recognize it a little since the same developers have the most popular traffic camera app and the interfaces are very similar. Use the menu to find the “Manage Cameras” option to get started with adding your own cameras. If you have the know-how to setup a wireless IP camera then I have to assume that you will have no issues with the data to add to this application.


In the case of your own IP Cameras you can use the application settings to tilt, zoom, capture pictures/video, change contrast and brightness settings, and advance the camera to preset positions. Many of these options only work with specific cameras.


In addition to adding your own cameras you can of course still add public/traffic cameras as well. This is done by selecting a region of the country, a major highway or area, and then the specific camera of choice. This is a really nice interface because you can preview each camera as you scroll through the options.

The application also has a build in Recording mode that will record video of all your enabled cameras and save it to the device for later playback. This of course will zap your battery but it could come in handy in an emergency when you NEED to capture the feed for legal reasons etc.

Other application features include:

  • Password protect your app
  • Viewer Settings:
    • Matrix Columns
    • Background Image
    • PTZ Status Messages
    • Screen dim timeout
    • Enable/Disable swipe gestures
    • Connection Loss Sound
    • Motion Detection Sound


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