INTU — Intuition Trainer: Can This App Make You Smarter?

intuThe new INTU intuition training app is helping individuals all over the world to harness and develop the power of their intuition, enhancing personal relationships and professional success, all in just 10-15 minutes per day.

Intuition is a curious and much-debated thing. Intuitive people used to be considered as simply lucky, but as our understanding of the mind (and its interaction with the body) evolves, so too does our awareness of intuition. Now, a newly launched app from Andrew Kovalenko is helping individuals all over the world to harness and develop the power of their intuition, in just 10-15 minutes per day.

INTU uses a playful and engaging structure to support the development of intuition from several angles. It’s a simple way of developing a powerful part of the human experience, blending tech and lifestyle for the benefit of all those who use it. Kovalenko explains, “I’ve been fascinated by psychology and bioenergy for more than 20 years and in particular by how we can focus the power of the mind to make for a happier world. With INTU, the whole aim is to provide people with a tool to make them happier. Developing your intuition can benefit your relationships with those around you, by helping you to read their emotions and thus respond to them in an aware and sensitive manner. It’s something that can enhance your life literally every day.”

The emotions training module blends human feelings and emotions with positive and negative energies, with the result that those using the app become better at recognising genuine – and even hidden – emotions. The majority of people find that their emotional intuition develops rapidly, which is an exciting achievement from only a few minutes’ use of INTU per day. Using the intuition trainer couldn’t be easier. Simply answer the yes/no question posed regarding the image that is about to appear (“Here is a rainbow?”), based on your intuitive feeling about the image. The picture is then revealed and the next question posed, while INTU tracks your level of correct and incorrect responses, broken down into basic images, colors, shapes and emotions. In addition to four intuition training modules, the app also includes an ‘answers generator’ function. Based on scientific evidence about the link between the human subconscious and ideomotive body reactions, the answers generator allows the user to tap in to the rhythm between their subconscious mind and their ideomotor movements.

To use the answers generator, simply think of a question while hovering your finger over the screen. Start with something obvious (“Is it raining here right now?”) and tap the screen to reveal the answer. Use a handful of practice questions until you’re achieving correct answers around 80% of the time, then throw in a real life question. The results are impressive.

As well as providing personal benefits, INTU can also provide those who use it with advantages in the commercial world. Dr Douglas Dean and Professor John Mihalsky of the New Jersey Institute of Technology examined the progress of 165 CEOs who agreed to undergo predictive computer testing. They found that over the course of five years, 25% of those with a low intuition score doubled the size of their business, but for those with a high intuition score the figure leaped to 81%. Executive ESP, as it became known, has since been the subject of a number of studies, with successful business leaders the world over trusting their intuition to help their company get ahead.

With a simple yet beautiful design and easy-to-use interface, INTU provides users with a powerful tool to help them develop their intuition, supporting both their personal and professional development. The app has been launched initially for iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, with an Android version planned for release in 2016. The basic app, including three intuition training modules and the answers generator are free to download and use, with a charge only levied for the purchase of the emotional intuition training module.

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