GV Mobile+ for iPhone: Google Voice now in App Store

google voiceWell its true. Google voice has made its way back into the app store via a developer named Sean Kovacs. His app made it into the app store once before but was removed. The battle ensued and even the FCC had to get involved. Now, since Apple has changed their app approval process they have accepted GV Mobile+ back into the app store.

Google voice, which is now open to anyone in the USA, allows users to obtain a new local phone number of their choice. This phone number could be used as a work number or otherwise for those of us who can make use of two separate phone numbers without carrying around two separate phones. Callers can designate where the call is forwarded when called and have an option to originate calls from their phone using either their native cell phone number or the new GV number.

Google voice also allows for text messages sent and received via the GV number. Truly it creates a 100% solution to people who need two phone lines but don’t wish to carry around 2 phones.

Perhaps one of Google Voice’s most appealing benefits is the customized voice mail. For starters you can filter various callers into different voice mail messages. Simply by creating contact groups (via Google Contacts in Gmail) you can create unique voice mail messages for each contact group. Callers who are not listed in a contact group will get the default voice mail message you designate.

New voice mail messages can be sent you via email, text, or the app. The system will transcribe the text of the message and email you the audio file if you choose.

For users who don’t want to worry about the two phone number drama but still want to take advantage of GV’s great voice mail solutions; you can (following the online instructions) have GV voice mail replace your current carrier’s default voice mail system.

Get ready iPhone users for the power of Google Voice!

Jacob S Paulsen

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