GooTasks: Google Tasks for iPhone and iPad

There are no shortage of To-Do List apps in the Apple App Store. Depending on the types of functionalities you are seeking you may have to experiment with several apps before you find one that really suits your needs. For me I like things simple, and I really like things Google so I fell in love with an app called GooTasks.

ipad iphone google tasksGooTasks can be used with one or more Google accounts including Google Apps accounts.  This allows you to keep a personal and a work task list that will accumulate on your phone without having any crossover at home or at work. As more and more companies turn to Google Apps as an email solution (replacing Microsoft Exchange in many cases) this will become crucial to be able to use both accounts.

Although simplistic the real advantage of GooTasks is the live time sync with your Google tasks online. You can access your Google Tasks within your Gmail or Google Calendar. See other online access options here:

Google tasks can be separated into “lists” which become categories for your to-do list. Each to-do item can have a set due date which can notify you on your Google Calendar. You can also add notes to any given task.

To see screenshots visit our Facebook Page Photo Album.

All around our team has been impressed with GooTasks. Hats off to the wonderful developers!

>>iPhone App on iTunes

>>iPad App on iTunes

Jacob S Paulsen

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