Google Voice Brings Free Text to iPod Touch and iPad

Google voice has been changing the game since its release. Apple users have been down a bumpy road to get Google Voice apps onto the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Originally Apple was blocking 3rd party apps and only in November did Google release their official version into the App Store. Now a few of the features that weren’t ready for the first release have been included in the new version on Dec 14th.

Google voice incorporates three basic features. First, GV allows you to send and receive unlimited text messages via your GV number. Second, GV allows you to make and receive phone calls via your GV number. Thirdly, GV is a complete voicemail system that allows custom messages per contact groups and delivery via email, sms, and your GV inbox.

Google Voice is now available for iPad and iPod touch! This brings an almost phone experience to your non-phone Apple mobile devices. Although these non cell-phone devices still won’t make phone calls (sorry, not a VOIP product), you can still initiate calls and choose which of your phones to send the call to via a new click-to-call feature.

These new features of course allow you to send and receive text messages and check your voicemail inbox. Additional upgrades include:

  • Disable text forwarding when push notifications are enabled
  • Do not disturb setting
  • Remove annoying OK button when sending messages
  • A variety of bug fixes

At this point Google Voice is only available in the US.

Jacob S Paulsen

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