Google Reader Shutting Down on July 1st – How Else Can You Subscribe

Google Reader has announced they will be shutting down on July 1st. Google Reader is the most popular RSS reader tool on the internet but for whatever reason Google has decided to discontinue this free product.

Based on the reporting it appears that there are a large number of our blog subscribers that currently are subscribed via Google Reader. It is time to make a change. Let me make the following suggestions:

Other Ways to Follow Our Blog Other Than RSS:

Subscribe to receive each blog post via email. This ensures you won’t miss a thing and makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for and easier to share with people you feel may benefit.

Subscribe to the Blog Via Your Amazon Kindle. Our blog publishes with Amazon Kindle. There is a very small fee associated with this subscription but if you love your Kindle this might be the best solution.

If You Really Like RSS And Need A New Reader:

feedlyPersonally I’ve moved on to Feedly. Feedly seems to be a strong RSS feeder that offers a no cost solution and has a multi-platform approach to their technology. So far so good. Feedly has a great iPhone and iPad application and I like the focus on images and the ease of navigating and sharing content. Without any question there is a learning curve and it is a little hard to get used to.

They also have a great extension that you can install on the various browsers to make it easy to subscribe to feeds on the go. They also pull in your Twitter feed and Facebook feed on the sidebar in a way that is not intrusive to your normal feeds but adds to the experience.

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