Google+ Making Big Waves with New iPhone App

Google + has arrived in a big way. You might have noticed the little +1 buttons in your Google search results for the last few weeks but nobody really had much of an idea what it was about until now. Essentially Google + is another attempt by Google at launching a usable social network. You might be asking how this is different than Orkut or Google Buzz and you would be right to see similarities, however there is a distinct difference and its that difference that also makes it greatly appealing to businesses when in comparison with Facebook & Twitter.

What Makes Google Plus Different

That difference is that simply put they have combined the social networking with their own core competency… search. Facebook & Twitter don’t have the option to put “like” buttons and “retweet” buttons on Google’s search results pages. Since Google controls over 60% of the online search volume this gives Google + a huge audience and relevancy right out of the gate. This is also the single greatest reason why businesses will care about Google +.

While search engines like Google have been trying for a long time to factor in social popularity into search algorithms, only Google + is perfectly positioned to directly affect SEM. Consider that it would easy and sensible for Google to give higher rankings to websites and pages that have high social popularity via Google +. That can’t be done in the same way or with as much ease with Facebook likes.

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The New Google + iPhone App

google +It took a little longer than it should have but Google + for iPhone is here. The absolute coolest features include Google’s Huddle.

Currently there isn’t any support for iPod or iPad but hey its a start.

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.
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