Google Adsense For iPhone and iPod Touch

google adsense

If you own a website or are a publisher of some sort you probably have used or are using Google AdSense to publish ads. Google AdSense is the most widely used ad network online.

iPhone App for Google AdSense

If you want to check your revenue on the run you can find a variety of good apps in the App Store but most are pricey. I admit that I’m really cheap and so that is why I like SimpleSense. SimpleSense is (as far as I’m concerned) the best free app for checking your Google AdSense stats.

iphone google adsenseThe layout is very simple. At the top of the app you select the time period you want to see. Options include Today, Yesterday, Week, Month, and Payment. As you toggle between each option you will see 4 option on the screen. At the very top is the Total line. Below that is the AdSense For Content Section. They are followed by sections for Google AdSense for Feeds and Search. Sadly these are only displayed if you pay extra. At the bottom is a section for AdSense for Content Host. These are YouTube ads etc.

>>Download SimpleSense for iPhone / iPad

If you don’t want to worry about the in app purchases, and would rather just pay a few bucks to get the very top of the line… watch for another app review coming tomorrow!






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