Goggles-An app that turns your pics into usable (searchable) information.

business cardsHave you ever wanted to skip the typing part of searching the internet? Now you can with Photo Goggles.

The application itself is simple enough. It takes advantage of the phone’s built in camera and when opened up looks very much like the default camera application. Once a photo is taken, Photo Goggles scans the image internally and gives you a list of results based on what it read. It makes use of Wikipedia for word definitions and Google (surprise) for additional information to grow your brain.

Obviously no app is perfect. Photo Goggles has some flaws. It’s not always accurate when reading pictures but it’s almost always accurate when reading text.

One other REALLY cool feature is the built-in translater. You simple take a picture of some text on a business card or street sign and you can choose from a number of different languages to translate it to.

I think the true application here is for scanning business cards. Nobody likes collecting a stack of business cards that you will probably lose anyway. Scan them in!

Over all its a really cool app. The cost is $1.99

>>Photo Goggles App on iTunes

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