Garmin Street Pilot On Demand for iPhone

There seems to be no end to the various navigation applications available in the app store for iPhone. Recently Garmin released Street Pilot on Demand for iPhone.

garminGarmin Street Pilot offers navigation for both driving and walking at a really low price. $0.99 has got to be among the least expense solutions for high quality navigation. The app loads live map data for the USA and Canada to ensure the most up to date routes and information.

30 days after installing the app you will be prompted to upgrade to a monthly Garmin subscription service via an in app purchase. Without the upgrade you will miss out on the voice guided navigation, integrated real time traffic data, off-route recalculation, speed limits, lane guidance, 3D buildings, etc. I figure for 99 cents its worth it to feel out the app and decide if its worth the ongoing cost.

The walking and pedestrian options do well to guide you in available public transit options via bus, train, subway, and tram.

I’m not fully sold yet but its worth a look. What navigation apps do you use on a daily basis? What is your favorite?



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