Feedly: Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and More

Google ReaderKeeping track of all of your subscriptions and feeds is an ever growing difficulty online. You probably subscribe to several blogs and news sites to begin with. Take into consideration your Facebook and Twitter news feeds and there is no way to manage and read it all. Your very best option is to find a one stop quality RSS feed reader that will allow you to organize what is important and make it convenient to read and catch up on the go.

Introducing Feedly: RSS Integrated Reader for iPhone and iPad

If you already use Google Reader you will be very happy with Feedly. Its seamless integration with your existing RSS feeder will make it easy to catch up on your subscriptions on the go. Feedly offers great social sharing options and is among the best options available because of its integration with more than just Google Reader. You can also integrate with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instapaper and Read it later.

A recent update also gives you landscape support and themes which make the interface more enjoyable.

Its free so give it a try right now!

>>Download for iPhone

>>Download for iPad

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