Feedler RSS: Great Google Reader App for iPad

google readerWhen I got my hands on my very first iOS device one of the first things I starting looking for was a high quality Google Reader application. I went through several before I settled on Feeddler RSS Pro.

I love how simply intuitive the interface is. If you already use Google Reader than you won’t have any problems navigating Feeddler. I love the ability to sort the entries by oldest or newest and the ability to display only unread items.

The most critical feature is the flawless sync with Google Reader. It works and it works every time. You can add new subscriptions right from the app. You can also engage a night mode, change font size, customize the top menu, and engage offline reading.

Feeddler is also available for iPad and that is where I use it most. On the iPad the graphics are enlarged and in landscape mode I love being able to see the navigation on the side while I have the primary content area on the right.

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