Facebook Releases Facebook Page Manager App for iPhone

If you are a business owner, or happen to have a Facebook page for some other reason, you will rejoice at the release of Facebook’s latest app for iPhone.

This app makes it much easier to post things to your page “As Your Page” instead of as a user. You may recall that a recent change to the standard Facebook app  sent you into a rage when you discovered that when posting to your pages you were doing so via your personal profile. Now this app removes that issue.

Also, this app brings Facebook Page notifications to iOS users. Quickly respond to comments and other activity on your page without finding a desktop computer. The other critical feature of this new app is the ability to view Facebook Page Insights from the application. See most of the same critical measurement stats from your phone that you can see when logged into the desktop website.

You still can’t see the messages inbox for your Facebook pages but I’m hopeful that a future update will bring that into this app. The ability to have private Facebook Message conversations with fans of your Facebook page, was one of the biggest upgrades when the new timeline was introduced to pages several months ago. Facebook needs to bring this new feature into the new Facebook Page Manager app as well.

But for now, I’ll take what I can get.

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