Facebook Messenger for iPhone & iPod

facebookFacebook Messenger is Facebook‘s second official app for iOS. Its essentially a cleaner and independent version of Facebook Chat that will the IM crazed users to really stay in touch on the go. It carries with it a suite of really cool features.

The most recent update to Facebook Messenger gives it Universal Support around the globe. Considering that 77% of Facebook users reside outside of the US, this will no doubt go a long way to create more appeal and make it a favorite among users who have friends or family outside of their country of residence.

You can easily send messages to friends or groups of friends within the messaging app. I also appreciate the mapping features that allow you to see where your friends are so as to allow you to make faster plans on the go. This version also include notifications that will prevent you from missing any communication from your iPhone.

You will also be able to see your friends photos which brings home to true Facebook / social experience. I look forward to future updates that will no doubt heighten the experience with video and potentially even file sharing via Facebook.

Facebook Messenger – Facebook, Inc.

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