Facebook Camera App for iPhone Looks A Lot Like Instagram

Facebook recently purchased Instagram. Instagram is a photo only social network that is integrated into a great mobile camera app. The massive explosion in popularity led Facebook to take notice and acquire the company.

cameraMany of us have been wondering what Facebook’s long term plan was for merging these two networks into one and now we are seeing the first change. Facebook has just released a new application for iPhone called Facebook Camera. When I opened it I thought I had opened the wrong app. It looks just like Instagram almost without exception.

It makes me wonder what percentage of people who use Instagram only have it linked to Facebook anyway. For those users there is no longer any reason to use Instagram.

In addition to being a great camera app I really like being able to browse my Facebook news feed seeing only pictures from my friends. In fact it might be my new preferred method to browse Facebook.

Facebook Camera Features Include:

–Post a bunch of photos at once
–See friends’ latest photos in one place
–Play with crops and filters
–Tag friends, add captions and say where you are
–See photos from different apps

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