Evernote for iPhone & iPad: Note Taking at Its Best

When Evernote first made it’s big splash I wasn’t impressed. There are so many note taking apps in the App Store that I just didn’t understand what made Evernote so special. That has changed.

The biggest selling point for me is Evernote‘s desktop application. I have a slight obsession with almost any app that I can deploy on all of my various computers and my phones… all synced in real time. Evernote’s desktop application is easy to navigate and easy to create notes. You can drag and drop ANYTHING into a note and the text editor makes it easy to do professional text copy just like you might in Microsoft Word.

Where Evernote Is Different

Evernote is not Dropbox and it hasn’t replaced Dropbox for me. Dropbox allows me to access files from anywhere… and the most recent version of those files. Dropbox does not allow me to compose new files/notes on the fly. Evernote fills that void. I can create new content (photos, videos, web clippings, text, or any combination of these) on the fly from any of my devices and it will sync across all devices.

Evernote is not a device only note taking app. Evernote does allow you to compose new notes from your iPhone but it also has the desktop application that makes it easy to access, share, and compose new notes from your computer. This makes it particularly useful when putting together a multimedia note that will include text or photos that you copy over from the web or other applications.

Evernote allows sharing. You can quickly share a specific note or notebook with other Evernote users. This makes it easier than before to collaborate on new projects.

The iOS App is very feature rich. It has a very clean and easy user interface. From the app you can use the camera to quickly create new notes. Within the app you still have a great text editor for Bold, Italic, Underline, Number/Bullet lists, and check mark boxes. Its easy to use speech to text and to attach pictures, audio, video, or other files to a note.

Download Evernote today.

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