Duplicate Contacts Remover and Merger Pro for iPhone

If you have changed phones as many times as I have you are bound to have a few duplicate contacts. From all the imports and exports from one computer and one phone to the next there are bound to be some duplicates accumulating.

duplicate contactNow you can install Duplicate Remover and Merger Pro to clean out and merge duplicates. The interface is simple and easy.

Duplicate Remover and Merger PRO will remove and merge duplicate contacts in just one tap. Even if thousands of duplicates are spotted, they all will be thoroughly analyzed and removed. All identical duplicates will be deleted and similar ones will be merged automatically ensuring that no data is ever lost. Use Duplicate Remover and Merger PRO after each sync to remove and merge new duplicates in seconds and make sure your address book is duplicate free. Advanced algorithm will prevent the loss of your precious data.

  • Removal of identical duplicate Contacts in one tap.
  • Automatic merge of similar contacts.
  • Support for MobileMe, Exchange and contacts groups or any non-local contact sources.
  • Cleanup of Contacts in seconds.
  • Lost Data prevention.
  • Search and delete duplicates separately in each Contact source group to avoid accidental data loss. I.e. If you have the same contact in Exchange and on your iPhone, this feature will prevent removing contact data from the Exchange source.
  • Trash Can. Restoration of accidentally deleted Contacts. All original contacts will be recycled during merging, so that you could restore them if needed.
  • Unique algorithm of duplicate detection and removal scan of all contact properties, automatic search, merge or removal of all possible duplicates. Tested with the help of tens of thousands of users of 4Team Outlook Duplicate Remover desktop software.
  • Eliminates the need of manual contacts comparison.

duplicate contacts

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