Contacts Backup–Excel & Email

C2X (Contacts Backup–Excel & Email) is literally the easiest and most reliable contact backup and restore tool on App Store. It’s so simple to use that even grandmas can backup their contacts without any tech support. It is trusted by thousands of users who have backed-up millions of contacts with it.

export iphone contactsBacking-up Contacts

Using C2X backing up all of your contacts is just a matter of single tap.

C2X reads every single detail of all of your contacts and converts them into an easily readable Microsoft Excel file. Then it emails this excel file into your mailbox and makes you tension-free forever. Most amazing thing is C2X does all this for FREE and without any ugly ads.

Restoring Contacts

C2X enable users to restore contacts back into phone very easily and reliably.

Restoring is as simple as scanning a QR code. To restore your contacts simply scan the QR code present in the excel file using C2X. In no time it will bring back every contact with every detail back into your phone. This can be a very handy feature if you are switching to a new phone. C2X not only allows you to import contacts exported from an iPhone, you can also import contacts exported from an Android or Windows Phone. Note that restoring is a paid feature.

To get C2X for FREE now, click here.

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