IP Camera App for iPhone and iPad

If you have any wireless IP cameras setup in your home or business you have an obvious need to be able to monitor them from your mobile device. There are a good number of applications available in the app store but the obvious winner is IP Cam Viewer.

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GoToMeeting App for iPad and iPhone: The Good and the Bad

I’m a serious user of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. When I got my iPad I was excited to discover the GoToMeeting application. It has the basic attendee options you would expect. You can join a meeting very easily and use the iPad built in speakers. If you have your own GoToMeeting account you can also view your scheduled meetings. You can start one of those or create and start a new one. You cannot however schedule a meeting for the future from within the app.

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Is Your iPhone a Distraction and Hinderence to Your Productivity

I don’t have to spend more than this short paragraph to convince you that if you don’t keep your habits, gear, and time in check; your iPhone is going to prove a greater hindrance than support tool for productivity. Our iPhones are begging for our attention. Here are some tips to help you limit the time wasters and increase the productivity as it relates to your phone.

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